ASIA Reassurance Initiative Act 2018

ASIA Reassurance Initiative Act 2018

ASIA Reassurance Initiative Act 2018

Context and Background

The United States (U.S.) senate has passed the Asia Reassurance Initiative Act (ARIA) under the leadership of U.S. President Donald J. Trump in year 2018.
  • The ARIA Act specifies more and active engagement of US into Indo-Pacific area and increase support, for the arms sales for the U.S. allies in the respective region/area.
  • ARIA develops the stronghold in the region for long-term strategic partnership for U.S. policies (comprehensive, and multifaceted) specifically for Indo-Pacific region.

Important Highlights of the ARIA Act

Security Interest

  • Enable US$ 1.5 billion per year for 5 years to enhance U.S. presence in the Indo-Pacific.
  • Maintain U.S. security fidelity allies in the Indo-Pacific area (Australia, Japan and South Korea and build security partnerships with other nations in Southeast Asia region)
  • Establishes a policy aim to denuclearize North Korea through non-violence, though the collective campaign of maximum pressure and engagement.
  • Enhances the U.S. diplomatic, economic, and security relationship with India.
  • Implement America’s freedom of seamanship and overflight rights in the Indo-Pacific region.
  • Proactively provide and express strong support towards arms sales to Taiwan and build strategic partnership for complete development (security, economic and political) relationship.
  • Forefront create awareness and promote vigorous cybersecurity measures with U.S. allies in the region.

Economic Engagement

Promote & Foster economic engagement in the Indo-Pacific area, as one of the essentials for the growth of U.S. economy and success of American Businesses.
Trade practices and trade negotiations (bilateral and multilateral) in the Indo-Pacific regions.
Rugged and strong U.S. business and commercial presence to every corner of the Indo-Pacific region (to foster U.S. exports and trades within the region)
Implement the anti-theft practice and introduce penalties on governmental and non-governmental entities involved into theft of U.S. intellectual property.
Device new robust comprehensive American policy to foster the new segment of energy export.

Promoting values

Exclusive provision of $150 million/year for 5 years to develop democracy, constitutional rule of law and creation of civil society support inclusive of $10 million/year to promote and implement freedom of information in North Korea.
Additional U.S. support to fight against human-trafficking, slavery and openness towards Authorization of U.S. sanctions against Human Right abusers.

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