Democracy Index 2018

Democracy Index 2018 - Background Context

The Democracy Index is announced each year by “The Economist”. The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Democracy Index, put forwards the snapshot or current instances of democracies establishment of 165 different countries and two territories.

Democracy Index 2018

Ingredients for the Democracy Index.

  • EIU Democracy Index comprises of five different categories as such.
    • Election process and pluralism.
    • Civil freedom/independence or liberty.
    • Structure and functioning of the Government.
    • Political contribution and participation
    • Political Culture.
  • Moreover there are 60 indicators classified within 5 categories mentioned above, based on the score made by each country they are further ahead compartmentalised into four different regime: Full or Complete democracy, Flawed Democracy, Hybrid Regime and lastly the Authoritarian Regime
Based on their scores on 60 measures in selected fragments (categories), each nation is then itself stand as one of four major types of regime: complete (full) democracy; flawed (partial) democracy; hybrid (semi-flawed) regime; and authoritarian regime.

Where do we stand for Democracy Index 2018?

Unfortunate statement to read, according to the index, Indian is ranked at 41 and is considered to be Flawed Democracy (we still have long way make it full democracy). This is lowest ever score assigned to India by the Index, since its release or publication.
  • India is way below US (ranked 25th in the Index) and we stand among flawed democracies like Botswana, Italy, France, and South Africa.

Definition of Flawed democracy in Index

According to Democracy Index, a Flawed Democracy are into free and fair elections. In the disaster event such as Infringement on media freedom, the primacy or basic civil independence/freedom/liberties are honoured or respected. The other flawed areas are lack of seamless governance, underdeveloped or partially
developed political hierarchy and culture, low level of political participation.

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