Gangajal Project - To Provide Better and More Assured Water Supply in Agra.

Background Context

An initiative towards enhancement and push to the Tourism Infrastructure in Agra, UP. This program was launched by honourable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi. The program is worth around ₹2900 crores (i.e. ₹29000000000) for the city of Agra, Uttar Pradesh (UP) and its surrounding area.

Gangajal Project To Provide Better and More Assured Water Supply in Agra

About Gangajal Project

  • The aim is to provide 140 cusecs of water from Ganga to the city of Agra, Uttar Pradesh to order to meet ever increasing demands of drinking water.
  • Institute Command and Control Centre specially for Smart City Agra, UP. Under this, the Agra city will have series of CCTVs installed for city surveillance, public safety and security and making Agra world class modern city and keep-up with its reputation of leading tourist destination. This will have an additional cost of ₹285 crores.
  • It was said to provide City of Agra with better quality and regular assured Water supply, at an estimated cost of Rs. 2880 crores. However the program failed at many levels and despite regular supply of funds from the Centre.
  • Along with city of Agra, the city of Mathura and Vrindavan will also be supplied assured water through these pipelines established under the title “Gangajal Project”
  • The Gangajal Project was initiated in the year 2005 in association with Japan International Cooperation Agency and expected completion in year 2012, but didn’t happen as schedule. The project still lacks additional work and support in many areas of the ambitious project.
  • The idea was to provide to 140 cusecs/day (1 cusec = 28.316 liters/sec)

1 cusec = 28.316 liters/sec
The unit “cusec” literally means - “cubic feet per second”
i.e. (28.316 liters x 86400 seconds (total no. of seconds in a 24 hours) = 24,46,503 liters/day)

  • The intended water supply for the city of Agra is projected to be made from Palra Headworks, which is in Bulandshahr Upper Ganga canal.

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