Global Environment Facility (GEF) Assisted Green Agriculture - Project to transform Indian Agriculture

Global Environment Facility (GEF) Assisted Green Agriculture - Project to transform Indian Agriculture.

Background context

The Union Government took an initiative and launched the Green Agriculture (Ag). The objective is to transform Indian agriculture for long term benefits, conservations of critical regions of biodiversity and landscapes under forest. The initiative is in association with Global Environment Facility (GEF).

About the Project

  • Green Ag. project implementation would take place in association with FAO in priority and high-conservation landscapes spread across five states
      • Landscape of Chambal - State of Madhya Pradesh
      • Landscape of Dampa - State of Mizoram
      • Landscape of Similipal - State of Odisha
      • Landscape of Desert National Park - State of Rajasthan
      • Landscape of Corbett-Rajaji - State of Uttarakhand
  • The Green-Ag initiative is multi-objective project with the hope to couple challenges of climate change, India’s biodiversity, forest landscape management and practice into indian agriculture for environmental benefits.
  • The Green-Ag initiative supports synchronization between Indi’s agriculture community and environment initiative priorities to direct/target investment to get realise into national and international environmental merits without hampering or disabling India’s rural livelihood (food and nutrition security).

About the Global Environment Facility (GEF)

Founded: October, 1992
Type of Establishment: Fund
Scope of Focus: Environment
Location: Washington DC, USA.
Operational Area: Global or Worldwide
Official Website:

GEF is global partnership between 183 countries, global institution, organizations, civil societies and involvement of private sector. The primary objective/aim is to identify and address global environmental issues. The funds (World Bank GEF trustee) at the disposal of GEF are made available countries at developing phase and global economies in middle of transition to achieve primary objectives of the global environment conventions and agreement.

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