Henley Passport Index (HPI)

Henley Passport Index - Background Context

  • The Hanley Passport Index (HPI) - 2019 based on the underlying information contributed or provided by the International Air Transport Authority (IATA) and covers 227 travel destinations and 199 different passports.
  • HPI is the global mechanism that helps in ranking nations all around the world for the travel independence for their citizens. HPI was instituted in year 2006, its earlier name was Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index (HVRI) later in the year 2018, it was decided to adopt the shorter version and hence HVRI got renamed to Henley Passport Index (HPI).

Henley Passport Index (HPI)

Henley Ranking Definition

  • The HPI contributes to the ranking of the passport based on how many travel destination a passport holder can reach without needing any Visa, more commonly known as Visa-Free. During this all the travel destinations countries and territories available in the IATA database are considered.

Henley Rankings Process of various countries

  • Republic of India Jumped to the 80th (year 2019) position from its earlier ranking 81st (year 2018).
  • Islamic State of Pakistan made a progress too, and advances to two positions and secured the ranking 102nd (year 2019) from its earlier ranking 104th (year 2018).
  • Japan retains the position of world most travel-friendly passport, enabling its citizens access to 190 nations globally.
  • South Korea is to jump way ahead and stand with Singapore, enabling access to 189 countries.
  • People’s Republic of China made rapid and aggressive progress, it jumped 20 positions within two years, from 85th in year 2017 to 69th this year. This is very impressive progress on HPI.
  • Shockingly UK is dropping down the ranking list along with US.

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