Indian Bridge Management Systems (IBMS)

Indian Bridge Management System - Background

Under the title “Indian Bridge Management System (IBMS)", the Ministry of Road Transportation and Highways has constructed over 1,34,229 culverts outlets, 32, 806 minor/small bridges, 3,646 major bridges and 1,835 extra long bridges. Now combining them all gives a figure as such 1,31,72,517 bridges/structures.

Indian Bridge Management Systems

What is IBMS?

  • It was launched by the in October 2016 and independent initiative to keep track of bridges and transportation structures in India.
  • It creates the catalogue of all bridges/structures for their timely wear and tear.
  • It is world’s largest in the of its kind and to be owned by the single owner.

What necessitated IBMS?

  • Indian government faced challenges in locating actual and exact numbers of bridges (India lacked database of bridges) and all its related entities such as creation date, time took for development, budget allocated for its development etc.
  • Due to this technical difficulty, it was hard for government authorities to maintain bridges in workable condition. Further ahead, it pose threat of collapse and efficient transportation.
  • Due to series of incidents of bridge collapse and loss of lives it became very important to crate initiate the establishment of Indian Bridge Management System (IBMS).

Working of IBMS?

  • Each bridge is identified by “Unique Identification Number” based on the its state of location, Regional Transport Office (RTO) zone, and other entities into consideration such as National Highway, State Highway or District road.
  • GPS location of bridge (longitude and latitude)
  • Characteristics such Type, Age, Load Bearing capacity, Height-Length-Width.
  • Bridge rating based on the characteristics and entities mentioned above.
  • Value added by the bridge to surrounding commuters community, by Socio-Economic Bridge Rating Number based on its usability.
  • This collective data will clearly give analysis and identify or determine bridges that need maintenance work and will give statistical data of its criticality to decide if bridge is to be rebuild or appropriate alternative solution for the same.

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