Indian Science Congress 106th Session

Indian Science Congress 106th Session - Background Context:

  • The 106th “Indian Science Congress (ISC)” is held at Jalandhar, State of Punjab. India. The theme of the session is Upcoming and Future Indian : Innovative Science and Technology.
  • The ISC is held and organized by the ISCA every year in first week of January.

Information of ISCA

  • Organization/Entity Name: Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA).
  • Entity Type: Scientific (more than 30k registered member scientist)
  • Year of Establishment: 1914
  • Location: Kolkata

Objective of Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA)

  • To proceed, cultivate and encourage cause of science in India.
  • To hold the annual sessions in India.
  • To publish science publications, journals.
  • To gather funds and means of finance for the promotion of science.

Important Links (External)

  1. Indian Science Congress Association - Wikipedia.

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