Mission Indradhanush - Intensified Mission Indradhanush (IMI)

Mission Indradhanush - Intensified Mission Indradhanush (IMI) - Background Information

Immunization Programme or disease resistant program in India was initiated in India in year 1978 as Extended Program of Immunization (EPI) through the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India. Further ahead in year 1985, the programme was intensified and with couple of changes was renamed ‘Universal Immunization Programme’ (UIP) to carry out in phases or phased method to cover all districts (regardless of the location) in the country by year 1989-90 UIP had already become one of largest health programme in the world. However all these efforts contributed to immunization of only 65% children in India in first year, which is not good and at same time not bad at-all.

Mission Indradhanush - Intensified Mission Indradhanush (IMI)

Mission Indradhanush was considered to be among 12 best practices globally, leading it to get featured into esteemed British Medical Journal. It was appreciated and also features in New Delhi on 12th and 13th Dec 2018, at the Partner’s Forum attended by 1200 delegates and representatives (national and international) working towards, Teenage Health, Newborn infants and childrens, Maternal etc.

Mission Indradhanush

To concrete, nourish, enhance and revitalize the Universal Immunization Programme (UIP), to setup and achieve the target to complete 360 immunization of for all infants, childrens and pregnant womens at increased speed, thus to carry out this mission, India launched the Mission Indradhanush in December 2014.

Mission Indradhanush’s Goal

  • Immunization of childrens (maximum of 2 years) and pregnant women.
  • Government focus is on identified 201 high focus district from 28 states considered to be the epicenter of partially or unimmunized infants and childrens.

Intensified Mission Indradhanush (IMI)

Understanding the gravity of the situation and its importance at national and international level, Prime Minister Narendra Modi initiated the Intensified Mission Indradhanush (IMI) on Oct. 08th 2017. The objective is pretty simple and straightforward, to reach all children (upto 2 years of age) and pregnant womens for immunization.

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