Namami Ganga Programme

Background Information

Namami Ganga Programme

Program Name: Namami Ganga Programme.
Launch Date: May 2015.
Total Budget Allocated: ₹20,000 crore
Period of Program: 2014-2015 till 31 December 2020.
Objective: Rejuvenation of National River Ganga and its tributaries.

The program Namami Gange mentioned above was launched by the union government of India with an intent to clean and rejuvenate and conserve Ganga. This ambitious project of union government has been allocated ₹20000 worth of fund for cleaning and restoration of Ganga and it’s marine life. This Union Govt. has uplifted the state governments efforts of addressing the river pollution by providing them the financial aid. The nine hundred and sixty one Grossly Polluting Industries (GPIs) are marked as the main stem of Ganges. Cleaning river is the continuous and iterative process, and efforts are put on priority to complete the project “Namami Ganga” by the year 2020.

Direct Pollution of Ganga

Everyday 500 million liter of untreated and raw wastewater drained directly into Ganga. The sources of these wastewater is mostly from Industrial regions, thus this raw waste from Industries is the key factor for killing marine life of Ganga.

Objective of Namami Gange Programme are

  • Increase Capacity of Sewerage Treatment Infrastructure.
  • Cleaning of River-Surface.
  • Afforestation of surrounding areas of Ganga.
  • Industrial Effluent or discharge Monitoring.
  • Development of River-Front.
  • Biodiversity and marine life.
  • Awareness in Public.
  • Ganga Gram (development of 4470 villages).

Three Stage Implementation of “Namami Gange”

  • Entry-Level (for immediate visible impact).
  • Medium-Term (projected over the timeline of 5 years).
  • Long-Term (projected over the timeline of 10 years).

Indian Govt. planned to interact and deploy international resources and expertise in restoring and rejuvenating rivers. Many countries (Australia, Finland, Germany, United Kingdom, and Iseale etc.) around world showed positive interest in restoring the river Ganga.

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  2. Ganga Action Parivar.

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