National Bamboo Mission (NBM)

National Bamboo Mission - Context

The National Bamboo Mission after its recent restructuring was authorised on approved in April 2018 for the deployment till the closing of 14th Finance Commission i.e. 2019-2020. The National Bamboo Mission, foresee the growth of Bamboo industry by adopting favourable conditions as per area under cultivation and providing a direct market to the Bamboo growers and provide appropriate marketing.

National Bamboo Mission (NBM)

The objective of the Mission

The objective is to implement sustainable farming, by providing means of alternative farm income to farmer and efforts toward growth of the value chain of the bamboo market sector. Connecting bamboo growers to the market or industry.

Deployment Methodology

This plan specifies the use of Government landscapes (non-forest), volunteer farmlands by farmer into the region of socio-economic and commercial advantage. This includes consideration to bamboo growing states of North East area and Gujarat, MP, Kerala, TN, Maharashtra, Odisha, Karnataka, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Jharkhand, Andhra Pradesh.

Progres of Commitment Until Today

  • Plantation of 38894 acres of Bamboo Plantation.
  • Eighty-Eight Bamboo (88) Treatment Units.
  • 464 Product Processing/Development Units for Bamboo Growers
  • Setup and Development of 135 Infrastructure initiatives to Promote and Develop Bamboo Market.

Provision of Financial Assistance

  • Financial Backup to North-Eastern states (ratio of 90:10) - Central and State Government.
  • Consultation with bamboo industry and State Govt. to energise the Bamboo sector in the region.

Important Outputs/Outcomes

  • The collective massive area of 259460 acres under Bamboo cultivation and Bamboo farming within the time frame of two years, by selecting the genuine quality of the plant.
  • Marketing and promotion of Bamboo products, through institution of processing units (small, medium and large) and complete value chain framework for bamboo.
  • Promotion of Bamboo industry through the establishment of Mandis/Rural haats/ Bamboo Bazaar and practice of online trade.
  • Exclusive provision cooperation at the national level for bamboo research, technology access, product development, machinery purchase, and awareness platform, especially to the North East States to promote the bamboo-based industry in the country.

Mission Structure

The National Bamboo Mission (NBM) is a child of the National Mission on Sustainable Agriculture (NMSA) and operated under the broader perspective Krishonnati Yojana.

Funding Subsidy Pattern

  • The ratio of 90:10 between Centre and State Government of North Earth and Hilly states.
  • The ratio of 60:40 between Centre and State Government (expect North Earth and Hilly states).
  • 100% funding for Union Territories, Research and Development Institutes, BTSG and Agencies & Organizations operating at the national level in support of Bamboo.

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