Non-Nuclear Aggression Agreement - India and Pakistan

Non-Nuclear Aggression Agreement - Prohibit/Forbid Attack Against Nuclear Installation and Facilities.

Context and Background

The two south Asian state India and Pakistan have signed an agreement to exchange the list of a nuclear installation. The exchange was in pursuant to an agreement to prohibit/forbid attack on nuclear installations and nuclear facilities or centres. The two countries (India and Pakistan) share the list of nuclear installation with each other in accordance with the agreement. This exchange takes place on January 1st of each year and popularly known as “NON-NUCLEAR AGGRESSION AGREEMENT”.

Non-Nuclear Aggression Agreement - India and Pakistan

Important Fact Figures of the Agreement

Drafted: November 30th, 1988 (1988-11-30)
Signed: December 21, 1988; 30 years ago
Location: Islamabad, Pakistan
Effective: 1st January 1991
Signatories: Rajiv Ratna Gandhi (PM of India) and Benazir Bhutto (PM of Pakistan)
Languages: Hindi, Urdu and English

Significance and Practice of Non-Nuclear Aggression Agreement

  • The historical events of Israel’s attack on Iraq (in the year 1988) crippled Iraq’s dream and ambition of becoming a nuclear state forever. This event also triggered the fear in the state of Pakistan, to meet the same fate as that of Iraq.
  • In response to this event of “Airstrike by Israel on Iraq nuclear weapon program”, fear & anxiety of Pakistan that were at the peak after the defeat from India in the war of 1972, the enhancement in Indian military exercise through “Operation Brasstacks of 1987” demonstration offensive capabilities. It was this time when Pakistan had to put Nuclear installations on High Alerts, fearing the same fate as Iraq by the hands of Israel.
  • The exchange (first list) “List of Nuclear Installation and Facilities” between India and Pakistan took place on January 01st 1992.

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