Paper Sensor to detect Milk FRESHNESS

Paper Sensor to detect Milk FRESHNESS - Background context

Paper Sensor to detect Milk Freshness

Milk is most widely preferred food in India and also around the world. Unfortunately the shelf life of milk is very short, that makes it highly perishable and susceptible to contamination and enzyme, microbes development within short period of time. However there exist several techniques to preserve it using freezing, and preservatives but those techniques are used so as to transport milk at considerable location within short period of time and prevent spoilage during transportation and storage.

Resident scientists and researchers at IIT Guwahati, Assam, India devised a small paper kit that enables smartphone to check the freshness of the Milk and identify how well it has been pasteurised. Coupled with the smartphone app, the kit can help understand how well is the milk to be consumed before it turns too sour for consumption.

The new Sensor method developed by the IIT Guwahati, Assam, India

  • The primary indicator is presence of “Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP)” in milk that determines the quality of Milk. Certain times, they get passed through the pasteurization process. Thus the detection of the “Alkaline Phosphatase” pasteurized milk will help know the quality of the milk .
  • The solution devised or developed works in following fashion, the small piece of paper (similar to litmus paper) is geared/loaded with the chemical/antibodies that reacts with ALP, the antibodies bind with ALP and thus changes the color of the small piece of paper (from white to coloured).
  • The piece of paper then (with changed color), is photographed and loaded to the smartphone app to know the values and entities associated. The smartphone app then compares, the photo with the app database and the relevant match is forwarded as a result to the end-user/smartphone user.

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