Proposal for the name change of Indian Forest Services

Proposal for the name change of Indian Forest Services - Background Context

There is name change ceremony Union Government is thinking for Indian Forest Services (IFoS). The Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pension, Government of India initiated the inter-ministerial proposal for renaming of Indian Forest Services (IFoS) to Indian Forest Service as Indian Forest and Tribal Service. This initiation also has the note for enable the cadre to be more inclusive and responsive towards the tribal communities and forest dwellers for understanding their problems and enabling them towards fulfilment of Govt. schemes designed for their livelihood and socio-economic upliftment.

The renaming exhortation (advise/recommendation) came from the National Commission for Scheduled Tribes (NCST).

Perhaps it is very obvious, the forest provides them (tribal communities) every possible mean to sustain livelihood and fulfil everyday requirements. Coupling of forest and tribal welfare and forest will further enable the forest administrative authorities to engage tribals into forest management. Renaming will also foment or inspire better sensitivity of the forest department’s towards addressing the needs of tribal and forest dweller communities.

Proposal for the name change of Indian Forest Services

About the Indian Forest Service (IFoS)

  • It all started in year, when British India Government decided to initiate the Imperial Forest Department, a positive step toward conservation of forest and ecological biodiversity of Indian.
  • Dr. Dietrich Brandis (Botanist and forestry academic and administrator) was appointed as General Forest Officer Inspector General of Forest in year 1866.
  • He worked under this title for nearly 30 years. Considering the vast geographical area of India and varied species of animal and plants and their close relation with the tribal communities, and to bring affairs of the Imperial forest Department, the British.
  • India Government decided to institute the Imperial Forest Service in year 1867.
  • However the title Forestry was resettle to the Provincial List by the Government of India Act 1935, and further recruitment for the Imperial Forest Service was discontinued.
  • Indian Forest Services (IFoS) completes the triangle of All India Services, the other two are Indian Administrative Services (IAS) and Indian Police Service (IPS). These services were constituted and established in the year 1966 (All India Service Act, 1951) by the newly formed Government of India.

The primary objective of the service is deployment of the National Forest Policy, sustainable use of the timber among the other listed agenda.

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