Raisina Dialogue - Fourth Edition, New Delhi

Raisina Dialogue - Fourth Edition, New Delhi - Background Context

The “4th Edition of the Raisina Dialogue”, India’s most important yearly conference on Economical and Political affairs, named “World Reorder”, was recently conducted in New Delhi.

Raisina Dialogue

Fair Value for Innovation

The Raisina Dialogue is an innovation initiative launched in New Delhi, India by the United States GIPC. The Fair Value for Innovation would nurture innovation, find new ways for policymakers to harness the innovation capital, located in India and around the world through remarkable research, partnership, advocacy, schemes and programs.

Brief About the Raisina Dialogue

  • The Ministry of External Affairs in association or in collaboration with Observer research Foundation (ORF). organise the yearly Geopolitical event known as Raisina Dialogue.
  • The platform designed to explore and find new occasions for Asian Integration (Important from the Asian perspective) and Asian Integration with world (important from Global perspective). It is important from the perspective of sable regional and world order, India being the catalyst.
  • Participants: The conference is cross-sectoral meeting, has multiple elements including policymakers, stakeholders foreign ministers, defence officials and ministers, senior level government authorities, policy interns and practitioners, key decision makers, celebrity personalities from business and industry, reporters, journalists, critics and academia and educators.

Significance of the event

This Raisina Dialogue was launched in year 2016. It was born in the shadow of rising asian economy and Asian Century as seen and described by the entire world. It was seen as the shift of economies from west to east and advantage of geographic region, instead it was the interaction of Asia with the world, global entities engagement with Asia and Asian integration with the rest of the world. Hence the Raisina Dialogue was established and wherein traditional and new ideas could work together to intelink for innovative research and trade.

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