Universal Basic Income (UBI)

Universal Basic Income (UBI) - Background Context

The Sikkim DEMOCRATIC FRONT (SDF), ruling party of Sikkim (north east India) recently announced the scheme “Universal Basic Income”, before the 2019 election. It is expected to get implemented by year 2022. If things work as projected plan, Sikkim will be the first Indian state to practice Universal Basic Income.

Universal Basic Income UBI

What makes Sikkim so special?

State of Sikkim is known to setup example and set up revolutionary reforms in different walks of life, they are known to being this way in past as well. Some of these listed here.
  • State of Sikkim has less occurrences of crime against women and high rate of women workforce participation, that make sikkim ideal place for womens to work.
  • LIteracy rate of sikkim has increased by 13.4% ( i.e. 68.8% in 2001 and 82.2% current), which is highest at the national level.
  • The per capita GDP of sikkim is grown in multiple since year 2004-2005, also Sikkim is least populated state in India.
  • The poverty ratio of Sikkim was 30.9% in year 2004-2005 and, there was decline in poverty level i.e. 22% in year 2011-2012.
  • State of Sikkim India’s first completely organic state.

What is Universal Basic Income (UBI)?

The program Universal Basic Income (UBI) is design and developed to be deployed in India, the idea is providing all registered citizen of the country of a given state, or given geographic area of the country with a sum of finance/fund, at some time interval, regardless of their source of income, financial resources or job/employment status. This is the initiative towards bridge and minimize the wider gap within different economic classes of India, minimize (ultimate goal is to eliminate) the poverty and promote the equality among the citizen. It is believed that all Indian citizens are liable to receive or get liveable income, regardless of the conditions and circumstances they are born in.\

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