Shifting of Earth’s Magnetic North Pole.

Shifting of Earth's Magnetic North Pole - Background Context

According to researchers and scientist the Earth’s “Magnetic North Pole” is shifting away from its native place Canada and moving towards Siberia.

Shifting of Earth’s Magnetic North Pole.

Influence on World Magnetic Model

The situation has got so extreme and severe, researchers and scientists around the globe are confused to update or improve the global model of the fields. The World Magnetic Model serves all navigation system used in ships in seas/ocean and Google/Bing maps on smartphones.

Why Earth’s Magnetic Fields are Moving?

As per the data/information collected from research and scientist, the situation lies partially with Moving Poles and partially with Shifts happening deep within the planet. Molten magma churning in Earth’s core generates magnetic fields, which makes changes and shifting of its flow within the deep core of Earth.
For example: In the year 2016 the magnetic fields (part of magnetic field) accelerated for the time being, immediately deep under the Northern South America and the Eastern Pacific Ocean. The Swarm (ESA’s mission satellite) detected and recorded the real-time shift.

What is the World Magnetic Model?

The charts popularly known as World Magnetic Model (WMM), are utilized to translate between compass figures/measurements of the magnetic north and the true north can be referenced from the navigation/wayfinding systems of the ships and airplanes and other geological application (mining and drilling into Earth’s crust).

The WMM also contributes to the map application of any given smartphone, including Bing maps and Google maps applications.

The scientist and researchers from the U.S.’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are honour to maintain the World Magnetic Model (WMM).

What could possibly go wrong due to Poles Shift or Flipped?

Scientists and researchers in recent years forecast/foresee, that Earth’s magnetic fields could be preparing itself for the flip/shift, i.e North pole would become South pole and South pole becomes north pole. This is not a normal event, it happens once in hundreds thousands of years and it is catastrophic in nature. This violent flip/shift has many adverse effects on Earth’s biodiversity. This may take down the electrical grid, satellite communication, data centres and freshwater resources etc. This might also make entire life system on earth directly exposed to massive solar radiations. Some of the hypothesis claim occurrence of such events, may have been responsible to wipeout the entire civilization on earth.

Collapse of Global Electrical Grid due to Severe Solar Storm

As the magnetic field goes on weakening , scientists are pinpointing the significance of the off-the grid energy mechanism or system using stand alone renewable energy sources to safeguard the Earth against a global blackout.
The highly charged particles from solar winds/storm or other heavenly body could have deadly effect Earth’s communication satellite and astronauts.
Change in Earth’s climatic condition, a recent Danish research and study has claimed that Earth’s climate or weather has been notably affected by the Earth’s magnetic fields.

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