Bodo Language and its Script

Bodo Language and its Script - Background Context

Bodo Language is one of the important aspects mentioned in the Bodo Accord, recently been signed.

Bodo Language and its Script

Bodo Language Important Key Facts: 

  1. Approximately 1.5 million native speakers (Census 2011). 
  2. Listed and mentioned in Schedule of the constitution.  
  3. Bodo language speakers are found in the state of Assam, State of Nagaland, West Bengal, Meghalaya. 
  4. Written in the Devanagari script, recognised by the Govt. of India as the official script. 
  5. Earlier Bodo language was read and written using Assamese and Bangla script along with roman script. 
  6. In ancient times pre - 13th century era, it was popularly known as “Deodhai”.  

Assurance in the accord regarding Bodo language 

  1. In Bodo Accord, the language was mentioned and listed in the eighth schedule. 
  2. Honoured to be recognised as the first tribal to be listed in the eight schedules. 
  3. Since 1986, It was also recognised as the “official associate language” in Goalpara district located in State of Assam.  
  4. With new updates from the year 2020, the Bodo Accord announced, Bodo language as the official associate language in whole of Assam. 
  5. The new Accord also assured to institute the independent directorate for Bodo medium schools, junior colleges in the Bodoland Territorial Autonomous District (BTAD) and promised also to construct and institute the Centre of Excellence cum Cultural Complex for in Kokrajhar town for protection, development and promotion of the Bodo language.

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