Yellow Rust - The disease in Wheat Crop that swept Punjab and Haryana.

Yellow Rust – Background Context

Yellow Rust, the particular crop disease, found on wheat crops, is spreading in the north part of Indian at lightning speed, very recently Yellow Rust as observed and detected in the State of Punjab and State of Haryana and created a havoc in farmers community.

Yellow Rust - The disease in Wheat Crop that swept Punjab and Haryana

What is Yellow? 

Yellow colour strips of substance similar to some sort of powder appear on leaves of the wheat crop.


Yellow Rust happens when the yellow rust covers most of the wheat leaves and remove the carbohydrate from the wheat crop, eventually reducing the green area. Environmental and weather conditions containing moisture (Fog, Rain and due drops) makes favourable conditions for this “yellow Rust” disease to grow and spread.

“Yellow Rust” Spread? 

Yellow Rust disease can spread very rapidly in its favourable conditions (wet and moisture environment) and devastate the crop development and damage the entire yield. So far it is seen that, yields due to “Yellow Rust” disease may get affected between 5% to 30%. It is a huge number consider presence of disease found in wheat crop.

Is it detected elsewhere in India? 

Yellow Rust is mostly found in the northern part of India, especially in hilly region and north-western plains. It spreads mostly during the cool and wet conditions, during which wind conditions are also favourable.

Disease Management? 

Growing the genetically modified wheat crop is considered to be the preferred and cost-effective method to control this infamous “Yellow Rust”. The new, disease resistant gene of the wheat crop now seems ineffective due to adaptation of virulence of some particular tolerant gene, making the wheat crop variety more susceptible to “Yellow Rust”.

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