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Launched in the year 2020. Our curatorial proficiency and award-winning approach to writing on current events are unparalleled. Our unique strategy of capturing current news and events has accustomed it as the go-to source/origin of the content and reaches its verticals and horizontals for a wide reach.

We work with exceptional minds, subject matter expertise, and brilliant content creators to put forward our writings and posts to the rest of the world. Eliminating the bias and showcasing the juice of current events and affairs, with an intent to provoke inspiration in readers (especially civil service aspirants).

Who is Behind the CurrentAffairs.Guide?

Name: Samrat Duggal
Location: Fearnhead, Cheshire, United Kingdom
Email: samrat.duggal@gmail.com
Contact me: Linkedin

Brief About Samrat

Samrat (Sam) is an experienced Program Director and Advisory Board Member with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. Skilled in Equity Shares, Investment Bonds, Software Value Tokens (Tokens -ICO), Peer-To-Peer Lending, Startup Fundraising, Investment Banking, Requirements Analysis, SaaS product Engineering, and Project Estimation, Execution, and Delivery.

Strong research professional with a Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) focused in Economics from Trinity College, Dublin. She is a professional, hard-working, and detail-oriented account head with a track record of accomplishment both academically and as an employee.

She is the Advisory Board Member at Dawn Ventures, Georgia, US-based Venture Capital - FinTech's first company to multiple streams to invest their funds. Since 2015, she's been making matches between, early startups, serial entrepreneurs, and focused, investors.

Who it is for? Who are our trusted followers?

In modest and simple words CurrentAffairs.Guide is the one-stop solution for authentic everyday current affairs and current events happening across Pan India and globally.

CurrentAffairs.Guide is also an initiative to help, and encourage Indian graduates to appear for Civil Service Examination and assist them to prepare for IAS, IFS, IPS, IRAS, IRPS, IRTS, CBEC, IOFS, IP & TOFS, IPoS, ICLS, IDAS, IDES, ICAS, AFHQCS, IIS, RPF, ITS, DANICS, DANIPS, IAAS, etc. We are also the number one choice for everyday readers.

We encourage you to be part of our Current Affairs Guide community. We carefully write and curate current affairs posts and every single post is verified for its originality only after proper validation, does it make its way to CurrentAffairs.Guide portal for students and aspirants appearing for a wide range of Indian civil service examinations mentioned above.

Who creates these Posts?

We work with many brilliant minds hidden behind the curtains of CurrentAffairs.Guide busy in creating, and curating good posts. Our admins, moderators, and writers already have other daytime jobs in MNC and they help contribute to CurrentAffairs.Guide whenever possible, some of our moderators are full-time UPSC/MPSC/PCS aspirants working hard towards their dream of becoming IAS/IPS, class one state officers.

Together we are a group of Engineers, Working Professionals, UPSC Aspirants & enthusiasts, and Content Writers with a passion for creative writing on current events and news - creative writing makes us happy. We truly believe in the metamorphic power of current affairs and their ability to simplify the understanding world around, hence we work round the clock to create everyday current affairs for you.

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