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The Combination of three words – Curren, Affairs, and Guide, commonly also referred to as the Current Events Scenario, combined together to device an interesting term to a subject of study. Current means, day-to-day life and most recent, and affairs mean events, issues, activities happening at the national and international level, etc. Although the term "Current Affairs" is more relevant and widely accepted and spread among aspirants studying for the Indian civil service examination.

Welcome to CurrentAffairs.Guide, Launched in the year 2020. Our curatorial proficiency and award-winning approach to writing on current events are unparalleled. Our unique strategy of capturing current news and events has accustomed it as the go-to source/origin of the content and reaches its verticals and horizontals for a wide reach.

How Current Affairs Guide is Different than News

Taking into account the broader perspective Current Affairs Guide can be termed as a subset of journalism where the emphasis is on thorough assessment and analysis and discussion of current news scenarios, that recently occurred or are in progress at the time of live broadcast. This varies from regular news broadcasts where the stress is on news being reported prepared for immediate and simple presentation as soon as possible to wide audiences spread across the entire globe, often with a least of assessment.

Current Affairs Guide also varies from the news and entertainment magazine, whereas the emphasis is on the format in that the events are discussed on an urgent basis. UK's Office of Communications narrates Current Affairs is an elaboration and assessment of current events and current issues, including geopolitical, industrial controversy, cross-border cold wars, or public policy issues. The office differentiates Current Affairs Guide from the coverage of news from location, broadcast the of special events like parliamentary proceedings, and the broadcast of consumer affairs, among other discussions.

Current Affairs Guide circles around recent activities and events in various walks of life and different industrial & non-industrial segments, commercial & non-commercial, national & international. It covers topics such as economy, politics, sports, industrialization, science and technology innovation, climate & environment.

Coverage of Current Affairs

Coverage of the Current Affairs Guide is far-reaching and deeply rooted among students, aspirants, and educators. Current Affairs Guide encapsulates within its fold various occurrences in different categories as well as related concerned developments. For example economy, politics, sports, industrialization, science, and technology innovation, climate & environment. The current events can be of utmost national or international importance or be most relevant at the state, or district level. Similarly, if we take into account the international coverage, the reach could be in relation to the different aspects of international politics, world economy, science & technology innovation, climate & environment, and coverage could be inter-continental anticipates, North and South America, European, Southern, Eastern, and Central Asia, Far reach of an outpost of Africa, Gulf countries, etc. Looking at this enormousness in coverage and range of the Current Affairs Guide it can be clearly mentioned that an individual should scale the limits of the current affairs guide on individuals' requirements and objectives.

We work with exceptional minds, subject matter expertise, and brilliant content creators to put forward our writings and posts to the rest of the world. Eliminating the bias and showcasing the juice of current events and affairs, with an intent to provoke inspiration in readers (especially civil service aspirants).

In modest and simple words Current Affairs Guide is the one-stop solution for authentic everyday current affairs and current events happening across Pan India and globally.

Current Affairs Guide is also an initiative to help, and encourage Indian graduates to appear for Civil Service Examination and assist them to prepare for the following posts and examinations.


We encourage you to be part of our Current Affairs Guide community. We carefully write and curate current affairs posts and every single post is verified for its originality only after proper validation, does it make its way to Current Affairs Guide portal for students and aspirants appearing for a wide range of Indian civil service examinations mentioned above.