Persian Gulf Regional Dialogue Forum

Persian Gulf Regional Dialogue Forum - Background Context

The Islamic Republic of Iran began to propound the idea of regional peacebuilding, a middle way solution through the diplomatic process for the age-old lingering problem of lack of mutual trust, disagreement, and conflicts within the Gulf Region.

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About Persian Gulf Regional Dialogue Forum

The pronouncement of the Persian Gulf Regional Dialogue Forum is remarkable and its initiation cannot be ignored, as it came in the wake of a series of regular disagreements of the Gulf Cooperation Council. Due to different views that lead the GCC to get divided into two parties Iranian and Saudi spheres. The Persian Gulf Regional Dialogue Forum concentrates on the encouragement of peace and prosperity in the regions.

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Inclusion in such forum ideally should have the underlying protocols and acceptance towards generally-recognized principles, common objectives, especially respect for the hegemony or sovereignty in the region, territorial uprightness & honor, the political freedom of all states. The forum should provide international boundaries absolute and use of the force is not allowed in any case.

Ultimate Objective or Agenda of the Forum

It aims to connect people of various segments and walks of life, belonging to different GCC member countries. The forum could serve as the common platform for all GCC countries, demolishing all conservative and orthodox boundaries.

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The common platform could be crucial/symbiotic to discuss and devise the solution to counter the terrorism in the region, which is always a lingering threat to many countries in the region. The member countries are expected to follow constructive measures or a set of protocols to build confidence.

This measure could include the independence of movement or navigation across the region, affirmation of the free flow of valuable resources, and energies, and finding solutions for the conservation of the delicate biodiversity and marine ecology in the Gulf region.

About GCC

The GCC comprises all Arab states (of the Persian Gulf) except Iraq. GCC is a league/association or concordat of six countries for their political and economic benefits. These six countries comprise Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) as such ...

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  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)
  • The State of Kuwait.
  • Sultanate of Oman.
  • The State of Qatar.
  • The Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Fact About Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)

  • Headquarters: Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)
  • Year of Establishment: 25th May 1981.
  • Official Language: Arabic.
  • GDP: $3.515 trillion.

The objective of the GCC was to achieve the prosperity, peace, and union of all states of the Persian Gulf. This was valuable cooperation, as each state share common religious beliefs, political structure, deeply interlinked cultural identities, and monarchies ever since.

The presidency or chairperson of the GCC council rotates annually. The GCCis the combination of three constitutional monarchies, two absolute monarchies, and one federal monarchy. Each of these states is in return is an absolute monarchy in its own sense.