Women of the India Organic Festival

Women of Indian Festival - Background Context

The three-day session of the 6th Women of the India Organic Festival is to be held at Chandigarh. This festival Women of India is organized by the Ministry of Women and Child Development in order to commemorate, create awareness and promote Women in farming and Women Entrepreneurs in the organic industry sector from the farthest and remote locations of India.

Theyyam is a popular ritual form of worship of North Malabar in Kerala, India. People consider Theyyam itself as a God and they seek blessings from them.
This shot is of ‘Aaralathu Bhagavati*’, from my home in Nileshwaram (Kasargod district), Kerala.

*Bhagavati, is a word of Sanskrit origin, used in India as a polite form to address or as an honorific title for female deities in Hinduism.
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Key facts of the Women of Indian Organic Festival

  • The festival is reported to showcase and offer the widest range of organic products for sale. Some of these products are Food items, Woven fabrics, Furniture, Items for wellness and personal care, and renewable energy products (i.e. solar products in this case).
  • The festival is proudly organized and facilitated by the Ministry of Women & Child Development.
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Significance and Outcome of the Festival

  • Promote women entrepreneurs, the introduction of unsung women entrepreneurs of India’s hidden world, and encourage the organic food & product industry sector of India.
  • The festival is also intended to showcase the merits (health and environment) of organic goods, agenda of Be Indian, Buy India indirectly supports to Make in India initiative. Provide a sustainable platform and motivation to women for their existing expertise in sustainable development, and their contribution to economic development, and provide an easily accessible sales outlet for local producers from remote locations and areas.
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National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development (NIPCCD)

Smt. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi (Minister of Women and Child Development) on 14th January 2019, shall inaugurate the National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development (NIPCCD) in Mohali regional Centre.

  1. It is a premier institution dedicated to promoting voluntary actions of research, required training, and complete documentation in the domain of women and child development.
  2. The National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development (NIPCCD) was instituted in the year 1966 in New Delhi under the umbrella Societies Registration Act of 1860.
  3. It functions and operates under the wings of the Ministry of Women and Child Development.
  4. NIPCCD has its regional centers located in Bangalore (1980), Guwahati (1978), Indore (2001), and Lucknow (1982).
  5. NIPCCD operations and its performance was noticed by UNICEF in the year 1985 and conferred NIPCCD with Maurice Pate Award for its excellent and skillful contribution in the field of Child Development.